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Time to get your affairs in order?

Due to the current Covid-19 outbreak, getting our affairs in order seems more important than ever. The time to act is NOW!

Have you made a will? It is vital that you have a will and that it covers your up-to-date wishes. You cannot relay on the laws of intestacy (statutory laws which are applied to your estate when you do not leave a will) to ensure your wishes are carried out.

Have you made Lasting Powers of Attorney, (LPAs)? By making LPAs you are taking a pro-active choice as to who will manage your affairs if you cannot manage them yourself. These can cover your property and finances, (which enable your attorneys (your chosen people) to buy and sell property, to pay bills, manage investments, talk to utility providers etc) and health and welfare decisions, (enabling your attorneys to talk to social services on your behalf, take into account your cultural and religious beliefs, dietary requirements, make decisions about your health including treatment decisions. You can elect whether your attorneys can make decisions about life sustaining treatment on your behalf. Importantly, health and welfare decisions are automatically restricted to decisions that you lack the mental capacity to make for yourself. So, when you are able to decide for yourself about matters that affect you personally, you will make these choices for yourself.

By making an LPA you are helping your attorneys (usually friends and family) to help you in the future.

If you need a professional attorney, we can assist.

Have you taken out a pre-paid Funeral Plan? We notice that the cost of funerals are rising quickly. We are pleased to be able to talk through funeral plans with you and you may find it reassuring to know that the cost of your funeral can be set at the time you take out a plan.

By taking out a Funeral Plan, your funeral can take place without your family being concerned about the costs involved.

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