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New Year’s Resolution?

The start of the New Year is a great time to review your arrangements.

Do you have a Will? If so, is it still current?

Have you recently got married? Marriage revokes a Will so if you have married and haven’t remade you Will (or made you Will with a specific clause that it was made in contemplation of marriage and should not be revoked upon marriage), then you should make a new Will as soon as possible

Have you had a child or children since making your Will? Do you wish to appoint guardians for your child or children, if you die whilst they are still minors, (under 18 years). You can remake your Will with a clause which appoints testamentary guardians.

Have you had grandchildren since you made your Will? Would you like to include a legacy for your grandchild or grandchildren? Also, should one of your children predecease you leaving a child or children, would you like those children (your grandchildren) to benefit from your deceased child’s share?

Whether you want to update your Will to take account of your current circumstances or have never made a is the time to act!

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